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Measure Impedance, Capacitance and Inductance using a nanoVNA also Compared to Antenna Analyzer(051)

As a note on the MFJ-259C, I sent it right into MFJ to have it altered 5 months earlier. In the going along with letter, I was clear that I had an interest in precisely gauging resistance, inductors as well as capacitors. Considering that it’s return, it has actually invested the VAST bulk of its life cuddled comfortably in its safety situation in an environment regulated store.

In this video clip I will certainly reveal you exactly how to gauge insusceptibility, capacitance and also inductance with affordable dependably utilizing a nanoVNA. These principples use to any kind of VNA you could have to event to utilize.
I am likewise mosting likely to reveal you exactly how to use a Port Extension to your adjusted VNA so you can include wires and/or adapters as required to user interface with your system under examination.

11802.85 E6 inches/sec
29979.24 E6 cm/sec

Antenna analyzers additionally claim themselves to be able to make these type of dimensions. I will certainly check out the precision of 2 various antenna analyzers in this capability:
** MFJ-259C
** The Rig Expert (AA-600).

Time Markers for Your Convenience
00:05 Introductory Comments
01:19 The Reality of Strays
02:54 Why a VNA?
04:50 Connecting to Our Component
04:53 Reconnoiter the Playing Field
05:24 Determine your Test Frequency
05:50 Component Self-Resonance
07:17 How are we mosting likely to adjust our VNA?
10:00 What if all you have are the SMA requirements? Presenting Port Extensions
11:11 The type of calibration we have an interest in …
12:18 My Test Parameters
12:35 DEMO # 1: Calibrate at the end of a cord & procedure
16:37 DEMO # 2: Measuring Loose Components
20:16 DEMO # 3: Using a Port Extension
25:38 Using an Antenna Analyzer to Measure
25:42 The MFJ-259C
28:48 The Rig Expert (AA-600).
29:48 Conclusions as well as recommend.
30:19 Parting remarks as well as toodle-oots.