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Identify bad electrolytic capacitors

Normally talking you’re searching for protruding on top of the capacitor, perhaps even extending cells, or discolouration of the PCB and also adhesive where the acidic or caustic liquid has actually permeated out.

Concerning that adhesive – several bigger capacitors in portastudios and so on are glued to the PCB, the colour and also opacity differs, however in the majority of systems I’ve opened its been nontransparent as well as off-white. The very first time I saw this I assumed it may be dripping electrolytic liquid and also I understand from remarks and also messages that a great deal of individuals that are brand-new to reapiring their very own multitracker are making the exact same blunder.

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TETRAKAN – Fix & Use Tape Recorders

Please note that itis not constantly aesthetically evident which capacitors are shorted, open circuit, off worth or have high ESR, examining needs screening. Becasue Capacitors are fairly economical to purchase in huge sets, if you can separate an issue to a PCB or setion fo a circuit withless than 20 caps on it, it can be a time-efficient wager to simply change all the capacitors in that circuit instead than repairing on a part by element basis. I locate that regarding 3/4 of the moment “doign a wrap-up” captures worrying electric concerns in old tape recorders and so on, as well as also where it does not, since capacitors have a fairly brief life span you’re boosting the durability of the recorder.

Below is an extremely harsh description of exactly how to recognize malfunctioning capacitors by eye – what to search for, as well as approximately just how to make use of either the capacitance feature of a multimeter (not every multimeter has this btw) or preferably an ESR (comparable collection resistance) meter to check your uncertainties concerning the problem of a capacitor.