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How to test or measure SMD capacitors on the PCB / on circuit measurement free electronics training

Equipment sponsored by Siglent Technologies EU:

SDS1000X-U Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes

SDG2000X Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Capacitance meters showed: (…and you help the Channel with a little commission!)

Geekcreit® LCR-T4 12864 LCD Graphical Transistor Tester Resistance Capacitance ESR SCR Meter

XC6013L Digital LCD Display Capacitor Capacitance Meter Tester

The following video is about how to test or measure a SMD capacitor or a group of capacitors on the PCB without to remove it. It is know as onboard test or on PCBA measurement.
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My gear:
– Siglent SDS1204X-E 200MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Sponsored by SiglentEU dot com
– Siglent SDG2042X 120MHz Function/Arbitrary Generator Sponsored by SiglentEU dot com
– Uni-T UT71C 4000 Counts True RMS Multimeter Sponsored by Vitacom dot ro & Uni-T
– Uni-T UT502 Insulation Resistance Tester
– Fluke 8600A 4, 1/2 digit, Digital bench top Multimeter
– NEWCASON XC6013L Capacitance meter
– LCR-T4 component tester (1&2)
– HP8922M 1GHz Spectrum Analyzer (OPT 1, 6 & 10 installed)
– LTDZ 4.4GHz Spectrum Analyzer
– NanoVNA H4 1.5GHz Vector Network Analyzer
– 1.7GHz UV HF RTL-SDR Tuner Receiver
– ADF4351 4.4GHz RF Signal Generator
– HEATKIT IG 42 RF RF Laboratory Generator
– ZHAOXIN CD Power Supply TXN-1502D (1&2)
– GORDAK 952 SMD Rework Soldering Station (1&2)
– RADIOSHACK 22-812 Digital Multimeter
– MIYAKO 890G Auto DMM
– DT-830B Multimeter
– TM902C Thermometer
– TDGC2A 0.5KVA Auto-transformer
– HS1010 Light Meter
– ZOYI ZT102A Automatic Portable Digital Multimeter Sponsored By ZOTEK
– RIGOL DSO1051 50MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
– FG-050 Low Frequency Function Generator 65.5KHz
– DATA PRECISION 2480R True RMS 4, 1/2 digits bench top multimeter (1&1)
– BRYMEN BM318 Automotive DMM
– STEREN PROAM MUL-280 Digital Multimeter