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EEVblog 1486 – What you DIDN’T KNOW About Film Capacitor FAILURES!

You might believe you recognize exactly how movie capacitors break down as well as fall short in capacitance over time – self-healing due to rises? INCORRECT!
Capacitor professional and also AVX Fellow Ron Demcko validates what’s actually taking place after a teardown of some fallen short and also one great polypropylene X course capacitor.

00:00 – Teardown of a some fell short movie capacitors
00:52 – Self Healing and also decrease in capacitance
01:44 – Capacitance Measurements
02:15 – Teardown of a brand-new Suntan brand name polypropylene X2 movie capacitor
03:03 – Different failing settings based upon dimension as well as winding stress
05:52 – Unwrapping the movie
07:51 – The movie inside a NEW movie capacitor
09:19 – Teardown of the FAILED uTx brand name heating unit capacitor with fifty percent capacitance
10:06 – How Schoopage and also completion pin discontinuations function
12:23 – Teardown proceeds …
12:45 – WOW! What in the world is this?
14:54 – Elecami Wolf additionally did a teardown
16:05 – Teardown proceeds …
17:01 – Separating the movie revealing both slef-healing and also substantial steel movie deterioration
18:29 – Another uTx brand name fell short movie capacitor from a Corsair PSU, with 90% loss in capacitance!
Elecami Wolf Youtube Channel:
19:55 – Let’s call a specialist! Ron Demcko from AVX informs us the REAL REASON for the failing!
It’s moisture access as well as corona demetallization!

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