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EEEEE 30 Value 300 pcs Multilayer Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Assortment kit 10pf-10uF Individual Box Lid pf nf uf (300 pcs)

10pf – 10uf 30 value 300 pcs capacitor set, 30 individual compartment

Each compartment has a plastic cover/door that opens and closes with a nice positive snap.

🟡 10pf 15pf 22pf 33pf 47pf 68pf 100pf 220pf 470pf 680pf

🔵 1nf 2.5nf 2.2nf 3.3nf 4.7nf 6.8nf 10nf 22nf 47nf 68nf

🔴 0.1uf 0.15uf 0.22uf 0.33uf 0.47uf 0.68uf 1uf 2.2uf 4.7uf 10uf

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