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#90: Measure Capacitors and Inductors with an Oscilloscope and some basic parts

A duplicate of the video clip notes can be located right here:

This video clip demonstrates how to determine the worth of unidentified capacitors and also inductors utilizing your oscilloscope as well as an easy pulse generator. There are numerous methods to do this, yet this video clip concentrates on simply 2 standard methods. The video clip was motivated by this post on
The methods are extremely easy, as well as are an example of fundamental concepts of RC as well as LC circuits. One more bonus offer is that it reveals one more usage for the fast-edge pulse generator that was displayed in a video clip I published numerous days previously on making your very own fundamental TDR:

The capacitors are determined by just gauging the RC time continuous, as well as the inductors are gauged by making a basic LC container circuit as well as determining the powerful regularity.