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0402 0.5pF-2.2uF 82 Values Capacitor Kit 4100pcs All Series SMD Combo Sample Book Kit SMT Pack Box Book RoHS

0402 (40mil * 20mil) 0.5pF-2.2 uF 82 Values SMD Capacitor set, 50 pcs/value 82×50=4100 computers in all.This 0402

SMD Capacitor set is particularly created to cover the typical capacitance worths of the usual capacitor types.See the Product Description for the details capacitance values.It appears like a publication, Clear tag on the front as well as on the back of every paper insulation, never ever blended.0.5 pF 0.75 pF 1pF … 2pF …

2.7 pF … 3.9 pF … 4.7 pF … 22pF … 120pF … 220pF … 0.1 uF … 0.47 uF … 1uF 2.2 uF 82 Values 0402 SMD Capacitor kit.Beginner enthusiasts and also proficient electronic devices specialists alike will certainly value the selection as well as company of parts consisted of with this package.

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